For the LOVE… Of Writing

LOVEDuring the month of February, we’re reminded of all the people we love. The glittering hearts, chocolate overindulgence, and tents filled with bouquets on the side of the road are a flashing-red-neon-sign that we prioritize who/what we LOVE. I know you love your spouse, kids, cat, dog, etc. (at least I hope you do), you even love your car, TV, favorite actors and authors.

My question for you today is… Do you love writing?

I could do a Top 5 Things I LOVE About Writing list, but that wouldn’t be very personal. Love is personal. If you didn’t already know, the ‘love’ I’m referring to is not a feeling, it’s an action. Let’s use 5 writing exercises to expand your love for writing, and (hopefully) discover what will inspire you to find and claim your priorities. These questions have helped me say ‘no’, put the TV remote down, and stay up an extra hour to do what I love, write.

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Outlines: The Bones of Your Story

Morgan Wylie, Gaby Robbins, and I (Kallie Ross) are discussing different ways to outline your novel, why it’s important, and how it can help you write a better story. We all work in different ways, even though notecards are the best, and we can all learn from each other. As a creative force, the thing to keep in mind is that trying various methods can lead to more/better ideas for your story!

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Type or Talk?


Today, I’m recording a blog post through Dragon Dictation. The grammar can be pesky. And, I feel completely out of my comfort zone. The reason I decided to try the software, is because I love my technology and I love a good challenge.

So far, so good.
Personally, I find hand writing to be a motivating and thought-provoking exercise. I love the feel of a sharpened pencil brushing across a clean sheet of white, crisp paper. The time it takes for my thoughts to find their way to my fingertips is a filter that promises clearer storytelling. Now, because hand writing is not the subject of my post, nor considered a productive way to catalog the ups and downs, and ins and outs of my characters’ tales let’s discuss typing and dictating your novel. Continue reading

#Write, right? (with @KallieRoss)

I just finished putting together a timeline for the next three months, and guess what I’ll be doing (God willing) every day.



  • Breathing
  • Praising God for giving me breath!
  • Eating
  • Laundry
  • Perusing Instagram & Pinterest
  • Reading

We should write everyday, right? Well, I’m going to have to answer a resounding ‘YES’! Continue reading

Working Out Your Novel Idea

On this hangout, Kallie Ross, Gaby Robbins, and Morgan Wylie have some fun fleshing out new novel ideas. With some of the wacky writing exercises Kallie uses in the classroom, you’ll see that your own ideas aren’t far from becoming a novel!


If you want to follow along, but hate the idea of missing out on a question, here’s a list of the writing exercises in this hangout… Continue reading

More Help, More Words in 2015!

During this Hangout Gaby Robbins, Morgan Wylie, and I (Kallie Ross) are discussing all the avenues we seek (and will be seeking) help with writing this year. Conferences, webinars, articles, writing groups… Maybe one of them can help you write more words in 2015!

The following are links to specific websites we mention during the show. Continue reading

Writing in 2015 with @KallieRoss

Distractions and excuses have no place in 2015. Whether it’s laundry, grading papers, gabbing girlfriends, or a new episode of my favorite show I’m striving to implement the opposite of my norm. Instead of putting off writing, I plan to write and put off ALL (ok, most of) the things that make me feel guilty about not finishing the next chapter or writing a relevant blog post.

This is great news for readers, because I plan to finish and release Defend by late Spring. I also plan to complete a fantasy novel I’ve been toying with since last Summer, as well as a children’s picture book. Writing is a pastime that I feel compelled to practice, but my passion has dwindled between holiday breaks, lesson plans, and dusting. So, what can I do to kindle my burning desire to write?

Here’s a list of things I plan to practice, because practice makes perfect! Maybe one or two will be helpful to you during 2015. Continue reading